Donations for SPCA and In the Woods Rescue

Racers, please don’t forget to bring donations for the local SPCA!

They need Hard kitten food, Multi-surface cleaner (such as Mr.Clean or Lysol), Raw hide chews or treats for the dogs, Kongs for the dogs (small, medium or large) and will also take Canadian Tire money, Freson Bro Coupons or cash/cheque donations! See here for info:

We will also endeavor to share donations with our local In The Woods Rescue  if possible!  The need Canned Dog/Cat food, Quality dry Dog/Puppy & Cat/Kitten food, Blankets/Towels/ Pet beds, Dog/Cat metal food dishes, Cat Litter, Hay/Straw/Beet Pulp/ Sweet Feed, Cleaning supplies such as Bleach, Lysol wipes, garbage bags(Costco are heavy duty) Paper Towels, Hand Sanitizer, and Tide. See:

Please help our furry friends!!!

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